“We are passionate about designing and restoring landscapes to be a functioning part of the local ecosystem while providing bountiful food, fragrance and color for you and your family to enjoy!”

Our Landscape Services

Native Landscape Design

We believe that your landscape should be a beautiful place with spaces designed to draw you, your friends and family out to relax, play, and share meals while enjoying the sounds, smells and colors of nature all around you. We use all native plants, as they have coevolved with the native herbivore insects, pollinators, and birds to form our local biodiverse ecosystem.

Stormwater Management

We design and create elements within your landscape to infiltrate stormwater, thus recharging groundwater and the aquifers, while reducing strain on the overburdened municipal stormwater system. Our raingardens and other stormwater management practices are eligible for rebates through the Montgomery County Rainscapes Program and the DC Riversmart Program.

Butterfly Gardens

Young or old, we can all marvel in the magical moment of a monarch butterfly emerging from their chrysalis, after undergoing a complete transformation, and spreading their wings for the first time! In addition to planting a variety of nectar sources to create continuous blooms throughout the seasons for butterflies and other pollinators, we include the host plants of many beautiful moths and butterflies (some of whom have experienced drastic population decline due to habitat destruction).


Creating a woodlot on your property is the most effective way you can support your local ecosystem. No other planting can compare to the sheer biomass of a tree, which in turn, passes on its energy up the food chain through its leaves to specialist herbivore insects which become food for birds. Trees play many other very important roles, they: provide shelter for birds, sequester carbon, increase topsoil, provide shade and hammocking opportunities!

Invasive Removal

Too many invasive plants have made their way into the suburban and urban landscape, and are continuing to be spread by landscapers and birds alike. Invasive plants are one of the leading causes of biodiversity loss, as they are often able to outcompete native plants in the wild to create monocultures that offer few services in the local food chain. These are not benign members of your landscape! If allowed to grow, berry producing invasives will create hundreds or thousands of seeds each year that are dispersed miles away to natural areas by birds.

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